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The Somali youth development network is a non-governmental youth organization, free from political, clans, religion and ethnic divisions.

SOYDEN is born out of eleven non-governmental youth organizations that organizedinformal forum to discuss most pressing concerns prevalent at present in Somalia. The successive meetings and conferences illuminated the problems of existing clans tic attitudes in an urban setting together with the current insecurity, lack of central government and peace building barriers. The findings of the discussed issue included the dire need to improve the co-ordination of the various youth organizations. Thus SOYDEN has been formed to not only co-ordinate its network but also implement activities on behalf of the network.

Core Objectives

The main objective of SOYDEN is to solidify the peace building programs through educational, skills training and recreational activities for the young people who suffered the most during the 17 years of the civil anarchy in country

The vision of Soyden is to unite and develop all Somali youth groups through program of activities and project collaboration to serve all Somali young generation of today and tomorrow with out discrimination

Soyden Achievements

SOYDEN, which is one of the foremost local NGOs engaged on the promotion of the youth stood up to design a new program for the rehabilitation of the youth where it developed a joint program with other local and international stakeholders. A project dubbed Youth at Risk under the behavior of the youth will be changed respectively through basic literacy and numeracy training,